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Poyser; they like the shorthorns, as give such a lot o milk. Theres Chownes wife wants him to buy no other sort. Whats it sinnify what Chownes wife likes. A poor soft thing, wi no more head-piece nor a sparrow. Shed take a big cullender to strain her lard wi, and then wonder as the scratchins run through. Ive seen enough of her to know as Ill niver take a servant from her house again-all hugger-mugger-and youd niver know, when you went in, whether it was Monday or Friday, the wash draggin on to th end o the week; and as for her cheese, I know well enough blu cantrell in black tail magazine rose like a loaf in a tin last year. And then she talks o the weather bein i fault, as theres folks ud stand on their heads and then say the fault was i their boots. Well, Chownes been wanting to buy Sally, so we can get rid of her blu cantrell in black tail magazine thee likst, said Mr.
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